Troubleshooting the Isle Dedicated Server Issues

Troubleshooting the Isle Dedicated Server Issues

Before we begin, lets start fresh.

  • Wipe your existing Server, start from the beginning, its not worth troubleshooting something that may have been configured correctly, or corrupt installation. Use this guide to build your server.
  • Once your server is built using the guide, stop it, and replace your “Game.ini” and “Engine.ini” with the following files within \TheIsle\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\: (LinuxServer if you’re running that)

Now that the server is configured with known good configuration, lets make sure your startup command is working. Use the top line for Windows, the bottom line for Linux, replacing MultiHome with your WAN IP

TheIsleServer.exe MultiHome= -log
TheIsleServer.exe MultiHome= -log

We now have a good working foundation for the server. We now need to make sure ports are forwarded, as this is the next big Issue people face.

Forwarding/Opening Ports

If your server appears to run fine, but you and others are unable to connect, or your server is not on the list this is probably your culprit. There is a different between forwarding ports, and opening them. Your computer/server most likely has a built in firewall where ports need to be opened. Your router has a configuration that forwards ports. You probably need to do both. There are 1 million resources on the internet for opening ports through windows/linux firewalls, and Forwarding ports on a router. If you can’t figure this part out, just don’t bother with the rest, because this is the easy part. Some ISPs may block some ports, if that’s the case, it sucks, but you will need to host your server elsewhere. You can try to use other ports by changing your startup command/engine.ini, but most likely it won’t help.

You don’t have Visual C++ Redistributable Installed.

Common when running windows servers on brand new installs, or installs other than where you play your game. Install this. to resolve it.

Improper Configuration / Some other Issues

If you followed the guides above, you should now have a proper configuration, with proper server files. A error from improper configuration files will look something like the below. If you get this error, check this post out for details on fixing it.

the isle server error

Network Issues:

Now the next issue we will talk about is connection issues, that look like this:

the isle connection error

If you are having this issue, it is a problem with network configuration most likely. If you have already done your due diligence to make sure your ports are forwarded, please follow this post to resolve this, as it’s probably because you don’t have reflected NAT on your network. issue.

You don’t have the “EpicOnlineServices” startup command or Engine.ini Text

This error will look like this, only repeating and “spamming” like crazy in your server log.

You need to take a look at your Engine.ini and ensure it contains the following:


Also make sure it is in the correct location, \TheIsle\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\ (or LinuxServer)

Unable to bind to port 7777/7778

This message shows up in red text within the server console. It can be solved by stopping processes that are running on port 7777/7778. Windows has a built in tool called the “Resource Monitor”. Open that and view the network tab. If you have processes running on port 7777/7778 while your server is not running, stop them.

Now What?

If you have made it this far, and still not resolved the issue, you should consider going with a dedicated hosting provider such as ping perfect. This project may just be too technically inclined for your skill set, or you lack the computer/network resources to actually host a server.

Not Problems

If you are having issues, the following images below are not relevant. These messages pop up on working consoles, and asking about them is pointless spam. You’re issue does not correlate with these messages.

failed to find the isle evrima dedicated server issue
couldn't find file for package the isle dedicated server evrima
the isle dedicated server fake error message

This is what a successful server start looks like. IF you see this and are still having issues, it’s due to hairpinning, or ports being blocked

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