Block TOR connections with Proxmox Firewall

Before you form an angry mob, hear me out. I understand TOR is an invaluable tool for anonymity online. If I were running a server that supported more than close friends and family, I would definitely weight out the cons of stopping TOR connections from coming into my network. But I don’t. I run a home server that, like most […]

Troubleshooting the Isle Dedicated Server Issues

Before we begin, lets start fresh. Wipe your existing Server, start from the beginning, its not worth troubleshooting something that may have been configured correctly, or corrupt installation. Use this guide to build your server. Once your server is built using the guide, stop it, and replace your “Game.ini” and “Engine.ini” with the following files within \TheIsle\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\: (LinuxServer if you’re […]

The Isle Evrima Server Red Wall of Text.

This is another post in a series addressing issues running the isle dedicated server evrima issues. One of the errors you will see is a large block of red text, and from my experience when you see this, its usually good to start fresh, and create a new installation because it is either a corrupted install, or a bad configuration […]

TryHackMe Brainpan 1 Write Up and Walkthrough

Brainpan is perfect for OSCP practice and has been highly recommended to complete before the exam. Exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability by analyzing a Windows executable on a Linux machine. If you get stuck on this machine, don’t give up (or look at writeups), just try harder.  superkojiman Overview This is a bit of a change compared to the previous posts […]

Enumerating a Domain – The case of Meep997

World 2 GE brought us another piece of bait today, and with that another clue to the puzzle. As I keep stating, we are conducting this project in small pieces. Today, we will be collecting a lot of information on the phishing domain in question, and take a sneak peak at the behavior. Who is Meep997? Logged into the game […]